Jack Zhang, Founder and CEO

CaerVision Corporation was established in 2006 by founder and current CEO Jack Zhang to turn idle waiting time in various areas of the private practice office into educational opportunities to improve patients' health awareness and to help doctors build a constructive, educational bond with their patients.

With over 15 years of experience in media technology and healthcare product marketing, Jack provided the vision, technological foundation, and initial funding for CaerVision. Jack became closely involved in the media technology business in 1993 when he co-founded ELISS Corporation and served as President, developing a successful technology for surfing the web on TV. He then co-founded and served as President of Earsurf.com from '99 - '01. Earsurf was a TV and radio advertisement service that enhanced spot advertising with information online and text messaging. Between leading other ventures, Jack provided consulting services in the area of strategic media technology to several companies including Arbitron Inc., a $300M media rating company. Jack received a Masters degree in Electro-mechanical Engineering from Villanova University and an MBA from the University of Maryland.

Paula Jagemann, Executive Vice President

Former Sr Executive of UUNET/MCI and Founder of EC12, both industry leading firms in telecommunications, Paula has deep experience with successfully steering emerging growth companies. With a strong history of performance in strategic relationships, cutting edge technologies and eCommerce, Paula has provided executive leadership for IPOs, mergers and acquisitions and B to B alliances. As a member of the CaerVision executive team, Paula oversees strategic partnerships, investor relations and corporate planning.

Bill Peters, Chief Financial Officer

A former US Air Force Pilot and MIT graduate, Mr. Peters is equally accomplished in entrepreneurial finance and operations. Most recently the CFO of NHC Systems, Mr. Peters was Co-founder and VP of Finance for InphoMatch / Mobile-365, a start-up-to-$425 Million pre-IPO entity sold in 2006 to Sybase Corp. Mr. Peters' recent activities include over twelve years in executive level finance and operations positions having raised over $40 Million in equity and debt financing and competed two acquisitions and a merger.

Mr. Peters' extensive background includes significant roles in Finance with GE Energy and as a pilot in the US Air Force. Mr. Peters holds a BS in Aeronautical/Electrical Engineering from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, an MBA from Colorado State University, and a Masters from Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University.

Larry Grossman, Senior Vice President, Strategic Relations

Mr. Grossman brought his 25+ years of advertising sales, marketing and management experience to CaerVision. From 1991-1996 he served as Vice President National Sales for NBC Cable and Business Development where he managed the Chicago, Detroit and Los Angeles sales offices for CNBC, PRIME Network, Bravo, and NewSport Television. While at NBC Mr. Grossman also served as President and CEO of American Medical Television, (a joint venture of NBC and the American Medical Association,) and was involved in numerous other business development projects in the health, new media and site-based media areas. Before NBC, he served as Vice President National Sales, for Financial News Network, Vice President Midwest Sales, for Turner Broadcasting, VP Sales and Marketing, PIA Radio Sports/NBA Radio Network and VP National Sales, for Independent Television Network.

Mr. Grossman began his career selling broadcast spot TV advertising for Petry TV and Peters, Griffin, Woodward and has sold and managed sales teams in New York, Philadelphia, Chicago, San Francisco and Los Angeles. Mr. Grossman has a BA in Advertising from the University of Wisconsin.

Robert Lewis, VP of Sales

Mr. Lewis brings 18 years of sales and sales management experience to CaerVision. He served as VP of Sales for ECi2, a leading online company for office products in North America. Prior to ECi2, he was a senior sales executive for the world's first internet service company, UUNET. Mr. Lewis has a BA in Economics from the University of Virginia.

Larry Oskin, CMO

Mr. Oskin oversees the marketing and public relations at CaerVision. As the president of Marketing Solutions Inc, a leading marketing company in spa and salon industry in North America, he brought a wealth of knowledge and insight on the professional media and press. VICE PRESIDENT OF MARKETING of Creative Hairdressers, Inc., Falls Church, Virginia, a Wholly owned, 850+ unit chain of retail hairstyling salons. Mr. Oskin speaks internationally at conferences and events on marketing and public relations.

Thomas Kjellman, Vice President of Operations

Thomas brings to CaerVision the operational experience and extensive sales expertise gained during his 26 year-career in the finance and banking industry. He has held executive management positions in operations, business development and market research, with an emphasis on staff leadership and team development. Thomas oversaw development and execution of banking programs for financial institutions in Europe, where he frequently had direct management responsibility for up to 50 locations. Thomas directs all operational activity at CaerVision, including our customer support centers in Johnstown, Pennsylvania. A native of Sweden, Thomas holds degrees in Law and Business Management from Uppsala University.

Juliet Luo, Vice President International Business Operations

Juliet brings strong business relationships with numerous countries and institutions from the Far East countries to CAERVISION. She served as VP of International Business at Enhance Medical Inc, in charge of global clinical trial operations for four years. She also has a PhD in Molecular Science from the Medical School of Hong Kong University with post doctorate studies at the Jones Institute at Eastern Virginia Medical School.

Jane Hu, Director of Information Technology and Data Warehousing

Ms. Hu leads our information and data processing brings years of experience of management from past experience from leading companies such as National City Corp, Capital One Financial Services. She received her Master's Degree in computer science from New Mexico University.

Jeff Mendelsohn, Director, CaerVision Veterinary Network

Mr. Mendelsohn has over 20 year of sales and marketing experience with leading companies such as Sytex and Novaritis. Mr. Mendelsohn was Manager of Equipment at and Henry Schein, one of the largest medical product distributors in the world. Mr. Mendelsohn received a BS in Economics from University of Maryland.

Dr. Roger Smith, Director, Chiropractic Network and Content

Dr. Smith was the past President of Maryland State Chiropractic Association. After having built a successful private in 20 year, Dr. Smith is passionate about educating the public on health and wellness. He received a doctors degree from the National University of Chiropractic Medicine in Chicago.

Dr. Marlene Reid, Advisor, CaerVision Podiatric Network

Dr. Marlene Reid, the current chairperson of the American Podiatric Medical Association's Public Education & Information Committee and the President-Elect of the Illinois State Podiatric Medical Association, is one of the country's leading podiatric experts. She practices in Naperville, Illinois. As a woman and mother, she is comfortable speaking on a variety of foot related topics pertaining to women and children, including plantar fasciitis, heel pain, proper footwear selection, foot deformities, infant and youth podiatric foot care, and overall foot health. Beginning in late 2008, Dr. Reid began writing a regularly updated blog on Women's Foot Health.

George Bauer, Director Business Development

Christopher Howell, Director of Creative and Design

Matt Spencer, Project Coordinator

Ian Walker, Lead, Graphic Design

Tarah Drawbaugh, Manager, New Account Services

About the Company

Founded in late 2006, CaerVision (Clinical Advancement Education Resources) Corp's mission is to Improve Health through Education. CaerVision Corporation currently builds, owns and operates waiting-room and treatment room digital media network that provides customizable education and advertising information to patients in physician offices, employees in corporate centers, and customers in business locations.

What do we do?

CaerVision delivers customized health education programming to hundreds of physician offices in North America.

What is our mission?

At CaerVision our mission is to promote health and wellness knowledge. By informing patients and the public on services, procedures and advancements in healthcare fields, CaerVision wants to make a major, positive impact to improve the health of the society.

What do we offer?

CaerVision offers health professionals with the most relevant education programming, delivered through state-of-the-art IP TV platforms directly to each office. The programming is customized for each office and can be updated monthly so information is up-to-date and won't get stale. The programming includes a custom practice profile to provide patients with information about you and other doctors along with an introduction of your staff, services and products. All information is updated automatically through the Internet to make it hassle free for your practice.

Who do we serve?

As a fast-growing company, our list of whom we serve is continuously growing. Our list currently includes:

To find out how to get a system in your office

Please call 1-888-841-2237 or e-mail info@caervision.com.