CaerVision Launches Salon & Spa
Digital Media Network

Educational Network Offers Customized Video Materials
For Your Clients To View In Your Reception Area

Frederick, MD CaerVision is a new and exciting concept in the world of digital media and is now launching in the professional salon and spa industry. The professional reception area network uses educational content to inform, entertain and relax clients during the time they currently spend idle in salon, day spa, medical spa and wellness center reception areas. Customized video materials with engaging, polished, professionally produced content are shown on large flat-panel LCD screens. These education-oriented systems will modernize any reception area or treatment room, offering a contemporary, high-tech feel and a fresh sense of elegance to your business.

The educational content is delivered through the CaerVision Network to the salon or spa's internet connection. With CaerVision Network's unique web-based platform, their professionals are able to easily change and update video content for each location. The salon or spa can also select the educational topics, promotions and specific advertising to match the aesthetic services they offer and the professional products they recommend, with monthly updates provided through their internet connection. A special customized video profile of each salon and spa staff and facility are created to perfectly tailor the content to their individual business.

With over 15 years of experience in media technology, founder Jack Zhang started CaerVision to provide state-of-the-art digital media services to businesses to entertain and educate people visiting their offices. "For salon and spa owners, having a digital media network is a terrific opportunity to use that currently wasted time in the reception area to build and increase business revenues while educating and entertaining guests, as well as building client loyalty," Zhang notes. Due to automatic updates received monthly, each office's content is always up-to-date with no preparation required from their staff. "For salon and spa clients, viewing the network's content is a chance to turn their waiting time into an opportunity to learn about your services, products and lifestyle information. They arrive for their appointments with a broad knowledge of your full menu of offerings," he says. Zhang has plans for many new media innovations he has created for the network. Soon, spas will be able to use touch screen technology to have presentation segments of their choice emailed to them or sent to their phones. In the future, clients will even hear presentations that are tailored just for their individual interests.

Imagine a full-time client educator working in your salon or spa, informing every client about your products and services - for only $5 a day. CaerVision Network's tools save beauty professionals from being marketers and salespeople. Hairstylists, estheticians, massage therapists and nail technicians will drastically reduce the need to become both service providers and marketers and free them to focus solely on their clients. "Once a spa becomes a member of the CaerVision Network, we create a vivid, engaging promotional video for them using voice, music, photographs and video to showcase their services and professional products. The member chooses from a wide array of educational content provided by CaerVision that will become part of their reception area presentation," Zhang notes. Salons & spas can also make the educational materials available through their websites to further enhance their own marketing efforts.

"Our mission is to improve people's lives through education and our vision is to become the leading education company for the clients and professionals that we serve," Zhang concludes. CaerVision is distinctively different from other media technology companies. They are location-based, targeted to the specific business that they serve with ability to tailor content created just for each. Additionally, they offer product manufacturing companies a dynamic medium with auditable effectiveness and higher return on investment than other media. The industries currently served include Veterinary, Podiatry, Chiropractic, Dental, Allergy & Asthma, Health & Wellness and now Salons, Day Spas & Medical Spas.

With a vivid, engaging and compelling message, clients learn all about your business. Clients are shown the potential of what they can achieve for their personal style and looks - possibilities they may not have considered before! Salon & spa owners will build the strength and success of their businesses, increasing revenue and building client loyalty and trust. "For more information on the CaerVision Network call 888-841-2237 email or visit them on the web at

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