The CaerVision Salon & Spa Network will dramatically enhance the revenues of your professional beauty care business while educating, entertaining and relaxing your clients.

Most clients feel that waiting in your reception area for their hair, spa or nail appointment is wasted time. For you, it is a missed opportunity to help build and increase your business revenues.


With the CaerVision Salon & Spa Network, you choose the educational topics and specific advertising to match the services you provide and the professional products you recommend, with monthly updates provided wirelessly. A profile of your staff and facility are created to perfectly tailor the content to your salon, day spa, medical spa or wellness center. Our services will create a powerful win-win for both you and your clients!

CaerVision Salon & Spa Network educates your clients about services you provide, delivering an innovative and dynamic broadcast quality presentation while they wait in the reception area.

By installing one of our state-of-the-art education systems featuring the CaerVision Salon & Spa Network in your reception area and/or service area, you can receive automatic content updates. These will educate your clients on many services, treatments and therapies they may not be aware of, therefore increasing your revenue.

Did you know that your programming loop could be customized for your business? You can select from our client education topics to match the services you offer. If you offer a specified service that is not found in our current library of topics, we'll work to accommodate your needs. By receiving web-based monthly updates, your content is always up to date with no preparation whatsoever required from yourself or your staff.

Here is a partial list of Salon & Spa specific topics that are currently being developed for our high quality video library:

  • Haircut & Hairstyle Design Trends
  • Haircolor Artistry
  • Upstyle Ideas
  • Perms, Waves, Relaxers & Hair Straightening
  • Hair Extensions, Wigs & Hair Pieces
  • Hair Conditioning Treatments
  • Spa & Body Treatments
  • Therapeutic Massage
  • Cellulite Reduction Treatments
  • Skincare Essentials
  • Microdermabrasion & Microcurrent
  • Men's Grooming
  • Nailcare
  • Makeup Applications & Lessons
  • Imagine a salesperson working at the front reception desk for 8 hours a day informing every client for only $5 a day.

    How is this possible? As a hair stylist, esthetician, massage therapist or nail technician, you are constantly confronted with the dilemma of offering fine products and services for your clients, but how do you market them without becoming the salesperson instead of the beauty professional?

    CaerVision is here to do that work for you. With our services, you are building the strength and success of your business daily. Our business customization library can include video for particular services, therapies and professional products your salon or spa offers; therefore creating awareness and increasing your revenue.

    As a beauty professional, you know the benefit of regular visits. For a hairstylist, clients who visit you regularly have easier upkeep and better results for hair cutting, styling and hair color services. For estheticians, massage therapists and nail technicians, multiple visits allow you to provide better and longer lasting health and beauty results. Educating clients about the importance of multiple visits to reinforce your work will enhance their knowledge. With their gained knowledge, they will potentially return for visits they would not have previously booked. In the end it will benefit your clients - as well as you and your business.

    Being a beauty professional you know every client wants to look and feel his or her best. By advertising your haircare, skincare and nailcare services, as well as esthetic treatments and massage therapies, you will show your clients the possibilities that exist for them to achieve their personal potential. Their knowledge could lead to important questions and then possible sales. This will effectively help them to look and feel great as well as boost your profits - all without you having to do marketing & sales preparation.

    That's what CaerVision can do for you.

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